Preventive Medicine is about bringing together the best therapies from proven medical and alternative fields to provide our patients with solutions. We want each patient to receive full value from the longer life span science has made possible. Welcome to a better way of maintaining health.

Over the years we have developed various modalities that allow us to customize treatment and obtain optimum results for common and often persistent ailments. Each patient receives an evaluation that focuses on their particular combination of needs. Dr. Shirley Elzinga is constantly seeking ways to enhance her knowledge and bring wisdom and clarity to each therapy. She has specialized in Chiropractic, Acupuncture and PC3 and was an early champion of HRT.

With all the conflicting and often dismal news about synthetic hormone replacement therapy, we urge you to investigate why we have only used Bio-identical plant based hormones to treat our patients and why so many have experienced health and vigor.

Preventive Medicine has undergone many changes over the years as we pursued the best ways to bring a truly holistic approach to patient care. One thing that has not changed are the doctors – except to get wiser and more adept.

Shirley Elzinga, CRNA DC CCSP LAc

Steven J. Marcus, MD

Welcome to a better way to integrate everything you need to maintain health and truly receive full value for the longer life span sciences has made possible.

For patients with unique needs – we have unique solutions!